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Cultural Connections Subscription Box

Enjoy inspiring, educational themed subscription boxes sent to your doorstep - free shipping!

Sacramento Children's Museum has a wonderful program that helps you incorporate multiculturalism into your students' education by simply subscribing to the Cultural Connections at Home kit.

Our new subscription boxes bring our beloved Cultural Connections class to life, teaching children about cultural celebrations from all around the globe through hands-on experiences and activities. Bring SCM’s creative learning experience home with these fun, educational, locally created subscription boxes.

Subscribe today and let the play begin - complete with free shipping!

Boxes are shipped on the 5th of each month and are available in one-month or three-month increments. Any orders received after that date will be shipped the following month.

Upcoming Boxes:

April: Ramadan, a celebration for Muslims

May:Kite Festival, Japan

June: Pride, United States.

July: Bastille Day, France

August: Homowo Festival, Ghana

September: Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year

More to come

Also available for classrooms. Contact

Denver the Adventure Seeker Season 2

Are you Ready for Adventure?

Denver the Adventure Seeker Season 2 is a 10 episode epic. Mr. Noodles is missing from his usual hang out spot (beside Boston on the ol’ dresser). With the help of her trusty companion, Boston, Denver will face challenges and meet funny characters while on the search for their dear pal. Will you help her decipher the clues and save Mr. Noodles?! Come on Adventure Seekers, leeeeet’s goooo! Please visitor Youtube channel DAS Season 1 and DAS Season2 to view.

New Story Time

SCM Coloring Sheets

Free Museum Coloring Sheets

Print out any coloring sheet below, then use your creativity to color and create art. Have your parents take a picture and tag us at @SacKidsMuseum and use hashtags #SCMatHome

Cultural Connections Coloring Sheets

Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet

Halloween Coloring Sheet(s)

Soapy Coloring Sheet

Safe Friend Coloring Sheet

Bee Happy Coloring Sheet

Baseball Leo Coloring

Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Big Day of Giving

MAY 6, 2021: ALL DAY!


This year's Big Day of Giving is Thursday, May 6, 2021! Visit the Big Day of Giving website to learn more about what's planned for the most inspiring day in the Sacramento region.


Music and Movement
Yoga Play At Home

Get ready to stretch! Yoga Play is a quick way to get the wiggles out. Click on our video every day to experience Yoga Play!

Yoga Play